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At Google Developer Group DAIICT, our aim is to reach out as many developers as we can, throughout the institute as well as Gujarat. We have events and sessions for all levels of expertise.


Team Members

A mix of enthusiastic developers who work tirelessly for each event. We have developers from all batches - freshmen, sohphomores, juniors, seniors and masters.


Technologies Covered

We like to play with the latest technologies and make them easier for others to understand. We believe technology is for everyone, not just for the elite coders.

Code. Collaborate. Learn.
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Recent Events

Winter 2016
  • groupWomen Techmakers Community Meetup

    Women Techmakers community came to DA-IICT to give talks on various topics. The talks were focused on topics such as using Firebase with Android, Webmaster tools and Digital Marketing, YouTube advertising as well as Internet of Things. They also spoke about how we can involve more women in Tech sector and the ways in which we can contribute to Open Source Organizations.
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  • webBuilding your own Search Engines

    Yash Shah, a graduate from DA-IICT and co-founder of, taught how to build your own search engines. The event was organized as part of our International Women's Day celebrations. In the second half of the event, Aditi Bhatnagar gave a talk on women's involvement in engieering.
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  • androidAndroid Study Jam V

    GDG DA-IICT conducted it's fifth and final installment of the Android Study Jam series. In continuation of the fourth jam, people were again divided into two tracks: Beginners and Advanced. We had assigned projects to the attendees. This session focussed on helping out with the projects, wrapping up the things and filling in the gaps, if any. This being the last session, we brought the series to a conclustion. Towards the end of the session, we introduced the attendees to a lot more technologies they can integrate their apps with. We urged them to explore more themselves, and develop useful applications.
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  • androidAndroid Study Jam IV

    GDG DA-IICT conducted it's fourth installment of the Android Study Jam series. In continuation of the third study jam, we progress further in our journey to make an Android app. We picked up where we left off and continue learning 'Android for Beginners' Udacity Course. Following the tradition, people were again divided into two tracks: Beginners and Advanced.
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  • androidAndroid Study Jam III

    GDG DA-IICT conducted it's third installment of the Android Study Jam series. In continuation of the second jam, people were again divided into two tracks: Beginners and Advanced. We picked up where we left off and continue learning 'Android for Beginners' Udacity Course.
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  • androidAndroid Study Jam II

    GDG DA-IICT conducted it's second Android Study Jam. In continuation of the first Jam, people were again divided into two tracks: Beginners and Advanced. While beginners' track were getting their hands deeper in the shallows of Android, the advanced track attendees learnt JSON parsing and server communication with Android.
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  • androidAndroid Study Jam I

    On 1st Febuary , Around 170 registered students attended the DA-IICT's First Android Study jam session. Everyone was very excited to dive into the world of Android development. The session started with a brief introduction, the motive of the sessions and the benefits of learning this Technology to change people's life. For fast-paced learning and in order to provide good mentoring to all the students, the sessions will run a 2-Track course, One for Beginners and other for student who already have at least a basic hands-on android development experience. The Advanced track comprised of 30 odd Developers. In the Beginner’s track, the topic was to get up and running with Android Studio and its basic layouts and other functional tools.

    In the Advanced track, Everyone first discussed and brainstormed ideas on the Cool stuff they wished to make as Projects. They shared their previous Projects if any. Thereafter, students formed teams amongst themselves and decided to work on some ideas that excited them. The first project, i.e. to make a fully-functional Timetable synced with the Academic calendar for the students was finalized and the next few sessions would walk them through getting it done. In this session, we made different linear layouts and json objects for the Timetable. The next assignment was to finish up creating objects of days and courses, completing the layouts and coming up with some innovative additions to the app.
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  • airplayBash Scripting and Python Automation

    Core Team Members, Shaleen Gupta and Ankit Muchhala conducted this session on Unix Bash Scripting and Python Automation, which ranged the area of basic program structures to building a web-scraper in both bash and python.
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  • airplayLinux Installation Drive '16'

    GDG DA-IICT successfully conducted its Linux Installation Drive 2016 and 50+ Linux Operating Systems were installed on machines of beginner level open-source enthusiasts.
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  • placeGSoC Mentorship Session

    GDG DA-IICT had successfully conducted a session on GSOC on 11th January,2016. GSOC is Google Summer of Code, a very prestigious international platform to contribute to open source. It is an international annual program where participants are supposed to complete an open source software coding project and get a stipend for that. In this session two our team members namely Rishi Shah and Yash Shah, gave a talk on GSOC and a guideline on how to go about it. Rishi Shah from B.Tech 2nd year had got GSOC in 2015 in his first year. Yash Shah, a pass out from B.Tech 2014 Batch had also cracked GSOC in his first year too, has founded a start up called Arreysun and is cofounder at . They showed the people how to get started with your dream of cracking GSOC so that we end up in a positive scenario. The turn up was very good with around 150 students where the number of boys were considerably greater than that of girls. The session went smoothly without any technical glitches and all the students seemed to be very pumped up about it at the end of the session.
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Autumn 2015
  • gamesIntroduction to Python Programming Language

    Core members of the team, Priyansh Trivedi and Gaurav Maheshwari conducted a hands-on session on Python Programming Language targetted at beginner level programmers who were interested in taking up Python.
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  • gamesHands-on with Go Programming Language

    GDG DA-IICT conducted a hands-on on Go Programming Language. The speaker for the event was Mr. Niket Patel, an experienced Go Developer.
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  • supervisor_accountGDG DA-IICT DevFest '15

    Thursday, 22nd October, 2015
    10:30am to 5:00pm (including Lunch)
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    Topics discussed:
    Philosophy of Material User-Interface
    Android WMP (Wireframing, Mock-ups and Prototyping)
    Angular JS
    Deep dive into Polymer and Material UI
    These sessions were conducted by 3 Guest talks by experienced entrepreneurs and developers.

    Event Summary
    This year we at GDG, DA-IICT organized our Devfest, preparations for which had started about a month ago. On the day of the event we started at 9 am with some of the remaining registrations both from our college as well as others while the events started at 10. The first session, which lasted an hour, was on the philosophy of material design by Mr. Samir Motwani, Creative Director at RapidOps Solutions. He started off with what material design is and showed various sample websites and apps regarding the same. He talked about how it is fast becoming popular and will soon become the industry standard. He also took a lot of interesting questions from the audience as well as some of the other speakers. A lightning talk which started at 11.15 was given next by Ankit Muchhala, a student from DA-IICT who is also a developer at Play Power labs. The talk was on his development stack and also consisted of various tools like Yeoman, Heroku,, Kapeli Dash, npm, Tower etc. The next session started at 11.45 and was about Android wireframing, mockups and prototyping conducted by Dhrumil Shah from GDG Ahmedabad. He talked about these stages of creating an app. He stressed upon the importance of first solving a problem and making a blueprint before actually writing the code. This session was then succeeded by a lunch break along with a networking session. There was a lot of interaction between the students of the various colleges and the speakers. We had pizzas and people enjoyed a lot. People shared their interests, past projects and talked about themselves in this break. After lunch the next session was on Angular JS by Jayesh Anandani, founder of Webelight Solutions. Through an example code he explained the shift from JQuery to Angular. He talked about what two-way data binding is and how it forms the core principle of Angular. The session lasted an hour going up to 2.30 pm. The next session was by Dhaval Pandit, marketing head, RapidOps solutions. He talked about the importance of analytics based business strategies when it comes to creating a successful product. He also talked the various tools that they used to collect the relevant data required for the analysis. Next was a hangout with Dushyant Jadeja, from GDG Bangalore. His talk was a deep dive into Material UI and Polymer. He in detail explained the advantages of Polymer and showed various examples. He also explained the basics of the Polymer elements. We concluded with a very brief lightning talk by Ishit Mehta from Arpanet Marketing Solutions. He talked about his startup and the business aspects of establishing and running a successful venture.
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  • polymerHands-on with Polymer Framework

    Our team members: Arushi Sanghani, Purvik Shah, Viral Pandey and Rishi Shah conducted this hands-on session on Google's Polymer Framework. The event despite of seeing a very limited number of attendees, was able to inspire few of the attendees to actually develop their course projects using the polymer framework.
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  • androidHands-on with Phone Gap Technology

    GDG organized a hands-on session on Phonegap on September 28, 2015. The speaker was Lakhan Samani, a member of GDG from the M.Sc. IT 2014 batch. Almost 30 students attended the session. The session saw equal participation from girls and boys. Majority of the attendees were from the M.Sc. IT program. Phonegap is a technology that helps build cross platform mobile applications using only HTML and JavaScript. We faced some issues with network connectivity during the session because of which many participants couldn't code hands-on.
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  • placeGDG DA-IICT Volunteer Recruitment Drive

    GDG DA-IICT conducted its annual volunteer recruitment drive which saw more than 150 applications. 4 applicants were handpicked in an interview round preceded by an application form filter.

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